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Connie Motala

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There is no secret to starting an internet business while watching television after supper. (There are the thousands of free e-books that will show you how to do that)

However, quickly throwing up a website and hoping to make some money is one thing. Building a profit pulling business that automatically pumps money into your bank account is an entirely different thing.

I know it may seem overwhelming and even a bit incredible, especially if you are a beginner, but you can really earn a full time living with a form of marketing called Affiliate Marketing where basically you get paid to promote the other peoples' products and services.

Seven Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Perfect Way To Start Making Money Online
  • You Can Get Started Today The big reason why people don't make money is they never get around to it. You can set up a money making affiliate marketing business in just few hours if you get the right advice

  • A Shoestring Budget Is Plenty I am not going to insult your intelligence and say you will make a truckload of money without spending a dime. There are only three things you absolutely need to properly start an online business and you can get the very best for ridiculously low prices.

  • It Ain't Rocket Science All you really need to know how to do is copy and paste because there are tons of videos showing you how to do every step. I am not kidding when I say, "Even Homer Simpson can make money with affiliate marketing."

  • You Don't Even Need Your Own Product Other people will pay you just for recommending their products. When you pick the right products and promote them the right way, there is no reason you can't make enough money to quit your day job.

  • You Get Paid Quickly. Some people will pay you instantly, others pay every week or two and most will pay you on a monthly basis.

  • You Can Work From Home You can run your business from your own home and not have to deal with the hassles of dealing with employees as well as the other headaches "dirt world" business owners face every day.

  • You Have None of the Risks Facing Other Business Owners Lets face it. Most new business fail in the first year, starting a traditional business is a risky proposition. You don't have to worry about losing your shirt, income and home when you are an affiliate marketer.

Now, I can almost hear your mind thinking, "If it's so easy how come everybody isn't making money."

Frankly, that's because....

Internet marketing has changed and it will change again....
and the Joe Six Pack doesn't even see it coming

Affiliate Funnel will provide you with all the tools, resources and most importantly, the expert help you need to blow the lid of your online business and stay ahead of the crowd, no matter what happens down the road.

How To Make Money Online in a Nutshell

The way to make money online is by promoting your business first, not somebody else's. And you can still do that without all the time and effort of creating your own products or programs! That way when times change and some program no longer sells or goes out of business, all you have to do is plug in a new program and you have a new money maker.

When you use the methods Affiliate Funnel recommends,
you can literally create an instant money making downline or sell tons of affiliate products just with the push of a button.

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As soon as you get your Affiliate Funnel Membership you are going to get instant access to the the only Downline Builder where you get to pick the programs your referrals see.

You can use Affiliate Funnel to...

  • Sell Affiliate Products
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  • Sell Your Own Products
  • Refer People to Membership Sites
  • Build HUGE Downlines Like Crazy
  • Make Viral List Builders Pay Off BIG
  • Or Promote Anything Else You Want.
And Never Ever Worry About Being Forced To
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Having all the tools and resources in the world won't amount to
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That's why you also get...

FREE Live One on One Mentoring and Coaching at The World Famous Affiliate Funnel Seminars

From Professional Marketers, Bloggers, Traffic Specialists, Designers and Copywriters where you will discover...

A TOP SECRET "PAINT-BY-NUMBERS SYSTEM" To Building Your Own Unstoppable Money Making Machine in Just A Few Hours

The Hush Hush Secret Strategy to Getting A Tidal Wave of FREE Traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN This little known strategy can get you on the first page of Google in less than 24 hours

How to Pick and Choose Affiliate Programs Your Visitors Will Bend Over Backward To Join Once you know what types of programs to promote you will never worry about getting referrals again.

How To Use Email To Drive Your Affiliate Commissions Through The Roof. Imagine sending an email and getting 10, 20 even 80 sign ups just like that. You discover how to do that too inside Affiliate Funnel

The "Hands Down" Most Effective Ways of Using Traffic Exchanges To Drive An Avalanche of Eager Buyers To Your Website With Trainings From A Horde Of Top Experts Including Paul Kinder, William Brant, Tony Tezak And More.

Free Consulting on Designing Squeeze Pages That Build Lists Like Crazy Not only will you discover exactly how to get subscribers on your list, you will also get priceless advice on how to improve YOUR squeeze pages and monetize YOUR List

Get Your Hands On Advanced Website Monetization Techniques I just visited a website owned by one of the most respected people in Internet Marketing and he isn't even using a third of the methods Affiliate Funnel shows you exactly how to quickly set up

Discover the Real Secrets to Getting Big Fat Commission Checks A lot of people like to talk about leaving piles of money on the table. Affiliate Funnel teaches you how to scoop all that money up.

Don't take my word for the value of these conferences. Look at what other people say about them...

Affiliate Funnel's downline building feature is superb. I am getting referrals from Affiliate Funnel's traffic exchanges, safelists, and tools areas on a regular basis.

Plus, I am getting sales too. It just does not get any better

Tony Tezak

I just wanted to thank you for creating Affiliate Funnel. A great program that just keeps getting better.

As a program and product owner, I can see that a lot of my top affiliates are getting traffic and sign ups from Affiliate Funnel. That tells me that you are not just helping me, but all your members build their list, get sign ups and make sales.

All your free training conferences are of outstanding value too. You know, I often said you were crazy for not charging for them

Finally, if you are going to use a downline builder, make it Affiliate Funnel. It is without a doubt the best. And they give you the tools and the training to do this the right way

Soren Jordansen

I really owe a great deal to you guys, and this is a no fluff testimonial because without Affiliate Funnel, I doubt I would still be doing Internet Marketing.

Any ways, I was skeptical when I first heard Affiliate Funnel was going give me all the tools, resources and all the expert advice I would need to build my own business without any hidden agenda.

But after attending my first Saturday conference, all doubts vanished in an instant. In just that one meeting, I got over $5,000 worth of tools, training, advice, and free advertising and I've been happily coming back every week.

It really is true. Affiliate Funnel's objective is just as advertised -- helping you help you first. I can honestly attribute all of my success in internet marketing to tips I learned in Affiliate Funnel.

If you're ready to build your online business the right way, you've come to the right place. No question.

Thank you Paul and team. I don't know where I'd be without Affiliate Funnel!

Jay Hines

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I was making some good money with affiliate marketing. Then I joined Affiliate Funnel and was blown away by what these guys are teaching. I added over $4000 to to my bottom line just by doing these Affiliate Funnel lessons.

Ian Bakewell

Networking. Rubbin' elbows. Schmoozin'. That's what happens at the "after party" of the Affiliate Forum Conferences on Saturdays at Noon Eastern. It's not about sales pitches, or cliques. It's about honest talk, from honest folks.

Every week I get great suggestions on how to build my business. get to ask questions, and show seasoned marketers what I'm doing. They let me know how to make it work. They're always right on target.

It's because of the networking I am able to do in the Affiliate Funnel Conferences and Forum that my online business is actually making money today!

Sunny Suggs! (Yay!)

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